Gustava Sofia KindholmGustava Sofia Kindholm

Gustava Sofia Kindholm

Gift/Married: Lehman

Född/Born: 1838 September 6 in Bersbo Östergötland Sweden

Död/Dead: 1919 August 1 in Ishpeming Michigan America


Gustavas husband:

Carl Johan Lehman Född/Born: 1830 September 17

Married 1858 November 7

Gustava was 38 years old when she came to America.


Their children:

Carl Gustaf Fredrik Lehman  B: 1859 October 27  D: 1863 November 21

Johan August Lehman  B: 1862 April 13  D: 1944 September 12 Ishpeming Mich.

Anna Lovisa Lehman  B:1864 December 8  D: 1942 June 19

Mathilda Sofia Lehman B: 1867 March 30  D: 1869 May 9

Maria Sofia Lehman B: 1870 May 19  D: 1894 (Died in childbirth)

Sarah Christina Lehman B: 1875 Sept 17  D: 1956 (Sarah was unmarried)

Carl Anton Lehman  B: 1877 Nov 18  D: 1968

Elisabeth Lehman  B: 1882 March 26  D: 1883 Sept 18


      Gustava and her daughter Sarah
Gustava and her daughter Sarah


*Gustavas daughter, Sarah´s sister, Maria Sofia Lehman, married Nelson, died in childbirth when Minton was born.  Maria Sofia had an adopted daugther Marie Björling Nelson.

Marie was daughter to Beda Marie Björling, Her adopt.-mother´s cousin.

(Marie´s biological grandmother on her mother´s side was Anna Sofia Lehman, sister of Carl Johan Lehman married to Gustava Kindholm-Lehman.


*Minton Nelson raised by grandmother Gustava in Ishpeming.

*Marie was adopted by the Nelsons, her aunt.


Minton and Marie
Minton and Marie



Carl (Charles ) Johan Lehman from Bersbo Sweden

Born: 1830 Sept 17

Died: 1888 Febr 6 Ishpeming Mich. ”Asthma-Miner” 57 years old.He left to America via Gothenburg 1873 April 12 at age of 42. Rollo ship May 9.



Gustava and Carl ( Charles) Johan´s son Johan (John) August Lehman.

He was sheriff in Ishpeming Mich.

Sheriff John Lehman
Sheriff John Lehman

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