Here is some information about my miner ancestor. Karl Niclas Rydgren was born March 22, 1828 in Östra Ryd parish, Östergotland. His wife, Lena Carin Swensdotter, born May 29, 1837 in Kattilstad parish, Östergotland. Karl went by the name Niclas and was born with the last name of Vanlig but changed it about 1848 while he was a farm hand at Furingstad 1. He and his family came to Bersbo gruva in 1850. They had the following children: Elen, Hilma, Amanda, Edla, Karl Erik, and Emilia. Elen and Edla came to America in 1882, Hilma in 1881, Karl came in 1890. The sisters were in domestic service in the US and saved to bring their parents and sister who came March 19 1893 arriving at Castle Garden April 10th on the ship, Umbria. They all came eventually to Peoria, Illinois and then on to Warren County, Illinois. I believe Amanda either died in Sweden or did not come to the US. My great grandmother always wanted to come home to Sweden and saved her money for many years. However her savings were needed for daily living during the Great Depression and she was never able to return.

By Bev Nohr, 2015-05-04

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